Facebook Ads. Why?

Here are my top five reasons why Facebook ads can benefit your business.


Large audience

Facebook has over 2.37 billion active users on a monthly basis. Your ad will be seen by a much larger group of people rather than advertising the normal way and boosting an ad.


Facebook is extremely powerful

Facebook's ability to collect data exceeds any other social media platform. When your ad is published, Facebook begins to collect data instantly. This allows your ad to be quickly analyzed based on your target audience and also allows you to adjust an ad promptly, in order for your business to succeed.


Faster and cheaper

Creating an ad doesn't take much time. Publishing an ad for $5-$15 a day is far cheaper than renting a space, billboard, or equipment to advertise.



The possibilities to set your target audience is basically endless. Facebook's Business Manager's vast database of targeting capabilities sets them apart from the competition.


Tracking, reporting, & growing

Your business is an ever-evolving thing. Through tracking and reporting, I can continuously be your partner to make sure your business continues to grow. This all starts with the Pixel. Think of a Facebook Pixel as a piece of code hidden on the back end of your website. This code is like a spider web - catching every piece of data from every visitor that lands on your website. This information is then used to create new targeted audiences, which include people that know you, your business, or your products, making it easier and more effective to advertise.


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