Steps to Success

Great! You've gotten this far. Now, let me explain how this all works and how I get you one step closer to growing your business.

1. Kickoff Meeting.

We will set up a meeting (Zoom or phone call) to discuss your business goals so I can get more familiar with your products and services. We'll also discuss what your target audience will look like and your ideal customer.

2. Payment plan.

I'm open to all options. Are you comfortable using one payment platform over another? I provide a month-to-month service with payment due upfront each month. We can also set up a contract to work a set number of months. I will not proceed to the following steps until this step is completed.

3. On-boarding.

As a part of client on-boarding, I will need to be added to your Business Manager account and made an Admin on your business's Facebook page. I make this process as easy and seamless as I can for you.

4. Ad-nother Meeting.

Now, we meet to discuss a compelling offer for your ad, a daily budget (ad spend), and schedule when to run the ad. We'll also implement a follow up system so no new lead gets away.

5. Ad creation.

I'll create the ad, share a preview with you, and await confirmation to publish it. Next, I set-up an automation process to view lead information the second they come in! Spreadsheets and texts and email notifications, oh my!

Give Your Business An Upgrade.

I'm confident you'll sleep better knowing that hiring DAK Media for your Facebook ad management was the right choice. Let's get started today and get your business the leads you deserve. 

Let's Get Started!