I've got A's for your Q's

How much does it cost to run ads?

Depending on what package you go with, pricing will be different. The ad spend will be covered by you. You will pay Facebook directly for your ads. You choose your daily budget. It is recommended to spend $15-20/day to start. This is setup by adding a credit card to your Business Manager account. Also, you always have the opportunity to upgrade to a new package at a discounted rate. 

How do I know ads are for me?

Do you love to make more money? Then it's for you. I've seen clients start off by spending as little as $5/day and work their way up to $100/day within a few months. You can simply start my running one ad and see how it goes.

Does it matter if I'm new to running ads?

Nope! If you're just getting started, I think this is the best way to start advertising your business and quickly. You'll learn a lot about ad management best practices, terminology, and just how cost effective ads really are.

How much am I involved in the process?

It's totally up to you. At the start, we work together to set up Business Manager and complete the on-boarding process (which I make extremely easy for you!). Otherwise, I automate the process to collect leads on the back end so you really don't have to do much. Your main task is to follow up with leads that come through and complete the sale.

When can I get started?

Right away! Be sure to reach out so we can schedule a free consultation. In fact, I recommend joining as soon as possible - I won't be able to maintain the low introductory price forever.  

Does my location matter?

Not at all. The beauty of advertising your business with Facebook ads is that it can be done effectively from anywhere. As long as you have an audience and location(s) to target, you're set.

How long should I run an ad for?

You should run your ad as long as it keeps converting or performing at the rate you want. I’ve had clients where we are running the same ad for months and it still continues to perform.

If I see the performance start to get worse over a period of days and the ad doesn't seem to be bouncing back then I'll tweak the ad and/or change strategies. Sometimes a new image or ad copy can help.  

How many leads can you guarantee for my business?

Honestly, I can not determine that until we begin running ads. There are a lot of factors that go into running an effective ad - campaign, ad spend, target audience, conversion event, placement, and so on. I can tell you this though...I will do everything in my power to get you leads and help grow your business!

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