My name is Dustin and I help local businesses with their marketing and video editing. I have the unique expertise of being able to both market business’s services and edit their videos - both at the highest possible quality and efficiency!

How will Facebook ads benefit YOUR business? Delivering advertisements on a platform that people are already using means you can reach more people for less money. Facebook’s paid ad platform will significantly expand your reach, increasing the visibility of your business vs. posting only to your page.

With a wide range of routes to go down when setting up your Facebook ad campaign it can be easy to get overwhelmed and lost in the process. Don’t waste your valuable time or hard earned money! Let me take that stress off your shoulders and best optimize your ad management to get the results you need.

Meet Dustin.

Founder, DAK Media

The founder of DAK Media, Dustin is dedicated to the growth of each and every business he works with. Dustin is a caring, communicative haven for all business owners - who not only wants you to succeed, but also looks to help mentor and educate individuals. When Dustin isn't using his magic touch to build effective ads and grow sales, he's attending webinars and conferences to implement the most innovative practices and technologies to address his client's needs.  

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What makes DAK Media different? Not only do I just offer ad management, but also video editing and graphic design. The "trifecta of marketing" I like to call it.

In partnering with DAK Media, you will get my full attention as long as my eyes are open! I take my work, communication, attitude, and dedication to helping you grow very seriously. 

During the day, all you should have to worry about is running your business and focusing on your day-to-day tasks. I aim to take the marketing off of your shoulders,.

I want to see you succeed. Plain and simple.